Our 100th Drabble Posted

This week saw Drablr receive its 100th Drabble!

Many thanks to everyone. It’s only been a few weeks since Drablr Beta went live and and already we have a couple dozen authors writing some great Drabble fiction.

And so, the **100** honour goes to;

Apollo and Diana #5 by Valerie Daum

Apollo! Where are you? The lights went red, into emergency mode, the engine must have gone off. I can’t breathe, I thought— were we leaking atmosphere? What the heck had happened? But I got my breath back. At least that hadn’t happened. My eyes started to adjust and I tried to calm down. A hand on the back of my seat— Apollo, groaning, holding a hand to his back. He patted my neck, reassuring both of us. Where are you— where are we? My brother rebooted the viewscreen and infolink. It scanned and focused on a cloudy planet. Planet unknown.

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