Drabble of the Week #42: Dolls

Tony is one of our most prolific writers and often posts a top quality drabble. This is his 30th Drabble and it is a cracker!

If you life this then you should certainly check out more of Tony’s work here.

Dolls by Tony Spencer

“DDH house clearances?” she asked the doorbell ringer.

“Yes, Ma’am, that’s our speciality.”

“Excellent. It’s my late aunt’s stuff,” she said, “We’ve sold this house, but the new owners want it unfurnished.”

She let him in, glancing at the tiny van parked outside, inscribed “Devon Dolls Houses” on the door.

“Er, there’s quite a large amount of heavy furniture to shift.”

“No problem, Ma’am, I’ll manage.”

“Do you copy this old furniture for your miniatures?”

“No, Ma’am, we secretly shrink them by witchcraft.”

“Oh… how do you manage to keep that secret?”

“Well, Ma’am,” he grinned, “We also require… dolls.”

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