Drabble of the Week #43: Bad Dad

Bryan certainly has a unique style of telling Drabbles and although sometimes he is perhaps a little too edgy, this one is certainly _classic_ @scribbler.

If you like your stories to have a _mean streak_ in them, then go check out more of Bryan’s Drabbles.

Bad Dad by Bryan Thomas

“Daddy! You’ve pulled its arm off,” said six-year-old Maisie.

Her father didn’t reply. He pulled the remaining arm off.

Maisie glared at her father.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, mo,” her father said. Then he pulled the left leg off.


“Quiet, or I’ll rip its head off.”

Her father pulled the right leg off.

“Ha ha! Just your head and torso left my little friend,” her father said, holding his victim in front of his face.

Maisie turned away.

Her father ripped the head from the torso.

Maisie grabbed the remaining Jelly Babies and ran out of the room.

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