Drabble of the Week #44: The Boogeyman Is Real

Jason is one of our newest Drablrs and it’s been a pleasure to read his work. Don’t be fooled by the title of this one, it’s not just children that should be afraid!

So far Jason has only written seven drabbles, but I for one hope he writes more soon. Check out more Drabbles from Jason here.

The Boogeyman Is Real by Jason Mott

I leave the closet once you begin to dream.

Creeping closer, I watch you breathe; each rise of your chest beckons me.

You shiver under the covers. Was it a draft? No, it is me, leaning over your prone form.

You mutter words of protest to figments of your imagination while real horror is standing beside you.

I caress your brow, sending dark thoughts into your slumber; the nightmare begins.

Malformed, gnashing demons invade your mind; you clutch at your blankets, seeking protection from the assailing horrors..

You awaken in terror as I, unseen, retreat to my dwelling, well-fed.

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