Drabble of the Week #45: The Seasick Seagull

Although Ken was one of our earliest members this is only the second Drabble he’s posted to Drablr – but it’s a classic! I only wish he would write more!

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The seasick seagull by Ken Magee

I bob up and down, rather majestically, on a wave. Up and down.

Baaaaaaarrfff. There I go, sick again. This is ludicrous. I’m constantly seasick and I’m supposed to be a SEAgull, for goodness sake.

I can’t take this anymore. There’s nothing else for it. I spread my wings and start my funny little run across the top of the water. Eventually, I lift off gracefully before the next wave drifts in. I climb steadily up into the clear, blue sky and soon catch a warm air current. I soar, rather majestically, above the hateful ocean.

Baaaaaaarrfff. Damn this vertigo.

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