Drabble of the Week #46: Dirty Shoes

Michael was our first Drablr and each one of his stories is worthy of being the Drabble of the Week.

He hasn’t submitted so many stories recently but he’s still worth following, so head over to his profile to read more excellent Drabbles.

Dirty Shoes by Michael Brookes

Will you look at that? A spot of blood on my finest shoes. I spent a fortune on them only a few years ago. Finest Italian craftsmanship.

It’s my own fault, I’m normally more careful. I wear those elasticated baggies so I don’t spoil them. But tonight I gave into temptation. I spotted a delicacy so sweet God himself surely put her on that path.

She didn’t hear me creep up behind her and with a savage motion sliced open her throat. I pushed her away quickly to avoid the arterial spray. Not quickly enough. I’ve ruined my favourite shoes.

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