Drabble of the Week #47: A Soldier’s Reward

This week we had a tie on number of votes between Jason Mott and Bryan Thomas, but Jason came out as winner due to the additional Facebook/Twitter/Google+ likes he received…better luck next time Scribbler.

A Soldier’s Reward by Jason Mott

I fought for, and bled for them. I’ve killed for them; what do I get in return?

Scrutiny, scorn, disrespect.

I wore the uniform and did as I was ordered to, and I’m labeled as the ‘threat’ and ‘potential terrorist’?!

They made the call to go in. They issued the mission parameters. They sent me there, and I need to be carefully watched?!

Yes, I took an oath; so did they!

Did I pull the trigger? Of course, I was trained to do so; who was it that told me to?

I guess it serves me right… for serving them.

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