Drabble of the Week #48: Once Upon a Spider

Pearl (Bea) Cannon‘s first submission to Drablr has also become the most voted, and it certainly deserves to be named Drabble of the Week.

Once Upon a Spider by Pearl (Bea) Cannon

The large black and yellow orb weaver sat in its web. It had built it in the sidelight window on the front porch of a house.

The occupant of the home opened the door to leave for work. She brushed a thread attached to the door causing the spider to jitter toward her. She spotted it, and letting loose a loud shriek, dropped her tote and retreated into the house.

Reemerging with a can, she liberally sprayed the hapless spider and it fell dead. She retrieved her tote and left for work.

She didn’t notice she’d also sprayed her lunch.

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