Drabble of the Week #52: A Young Knight’s Final Test

Jingle bells, smeagol smells…and all that.

Over the last week Jason has been very active on Drablr, posting a total of seven drabbles! With each one of them being of great quality, it’s not surprising he claims this weeks; Drabble of the Week!

A Young Knight’s Final Test by Jason Mott

His sword thumped lightly against his leg as he moved further into the dragon’s lair.

This overgrown lizard won’t know what hit it” he thought confidently as the air grew thick and warm.

He’d fantasized about this moment; it was his destiny, and he knew it would make him famous.

So what if he hadn’t finished the rigorous training of knights? He’d watched them at it for years; it didn’t look that difficult.

Besides, this dragon had been terrorizing the countryside for centuries, she’s got it coming.

He saw the beast, and raised his wooden training sword for the strike.

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