Drablr January Competition!

To celebrate the new year, along with Drablr’s upcoming 6 month birthday (end of Jan), I’d like to invite you all to join in with our New Year Resolution Competition.

All you need to do is write a 100-word drabble based on the “New Year Resolution” theme. Then, come the end of January, the drabble with the most votes* will win a £100** Amazon Gift Card!

If you’re not already a member of Drablr you can sign up here; http://drablr.com/sign_up.

I’ll also be announcing the competition across many different forums, blogs and social networks, so for your best chance of winning you’ll need to get all your friends, family and fans to join Drablr and vote on your drabble.

The rules are very simple;

  1. The title must include either “New Year Resolution” or “NY Resolution” (singular or plural spellings allowed).
  2. You are allowed to extend the title. E.g. “My Horrid New Year Resolution”.
  3. The Drabble must be exactly 100 words in length.
  4. Votes will be counted*** for the full month of January 2014 (1st through 31st).
  5. Multiple entries are allowed.
  6. Winners gift card will be sent via Amazon using the email registered on Drablr.com.

Remember: the more friends, family and fans that vote on your drabble, the more chance you have of winning!

Shortly after January 31st I will announce the winner. Along with notifying you directly I will also post to the usual places; the Drablr Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

Go ahead and sign up to Drablr here, best of luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a great 2014!

UPDATE: I’ve now created a special page where you can see all the current entries and their vote status. Click here to visit the Competition page.

What is Drablr?

Drablr.com is a service for authors who like to be challenged by the confines of 100 words, it’s a place to experiment, to discover if an idea has potential, and another tool to help connect with readers.

For the reader, Drablr is a place to enjoy great fiction and to discover and connect with new authors. The bite-sized stories allow you to get your fiction fix even when your schedule doesn’t give you the time to sit and read longer works.

How to Write a Drabble

If you’ve never written a drabble before then I highly recommend you read our excellent How to Write a Drabble Guide.

* In the case of a tie, the Social Likes (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) will be counted. If there is still a tie, then I will randomly select the winner from the tie-breakers.

** With currency conversions that should be approximately $165 USD or 120 EUR.

*** To prevent against mass down-voting sabotage, I will only be counting the “positive” votes when deciding the winner.

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