Drabble of the Week 14w2: Bank Holiday

Andrew just recently signed up to Drablr to enter our “New Year Resolutions” competitions, but has also been posting some regular drabbles too, and I think we are lucky that he is doing so. If his writing is anything to go by, Andrew has a great sense of humour so you really should go check out his profile and read more of his drabbles.

Congratulations to Andrew on achieving _Drabble of the Week_ in hist first week on the Drablr service!

Bank Holiday by Andrew Lawston

Rain lashes the flimsy marquee, already patched with shiny tape. A sudden gust bursts through the entrance, sending a flurry of lush green leaves into a dozen stubborn drinkers’ pints as they cower under impotent patio heaters from the deafening cosy terror of a family friendly pub.

Enraged by flapping tent fabric, an Alsatian howls over the pub garden wall. Behind the edifice an infant wails in shrill response.

One by one the drinkers leave, many heading to the brightly-lit burger bar over the road.

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang… but with a Wimpy.

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