Drabble of the Week 14w3: Dark Thoughts…

I had a lot of fun choosing this weeks drabble as it wasn’t exactly the most straightforward affair. Francine was actually placed in the lead as she has two drabbles on the same number of votes. Both entries also had the same number of comments, and the same number of Facebook/Twitter/Google likes!

Both Snow White revisited – A modern tale and Darkest Thoughts… are excellent drabbles and I did consider voting both as Drabble of the Week. However, after looking at the page view statistics, Dark Thoughts… was chosen as it had twice the number of views, and I have to agree with everyone.

Dark Thoughts… is dark, and very thought provoking. An excellent drabble!

Dark Thoughts… by Francine

I look down. It’s a big drop. I am twenty storeys high. The cars down there are tiny spots dancing in front of my eyes. It would be so easy to just let go of the pillar. Let gravity do its job. I close my eyes. I can hear the wind, cajoling me, urging me, ‘Jump’ it says. ‘No more pain, no more tears’. Then another voice struggling to reach me.”Who will miss you?” ”No one”. I answer. ‘Exactly, what’s the point of killing yourself if no one will mourn.?”. I guess the voice has a point. I step down.

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