Drabble of the Week 14w4: The English Lesson

Francine, our first time Drabble of the Week winner from last week has gone and done it again! This one is a little risque, Francine herself says it’s “a little away from my comfort zone”, but it is a great drabble.

Don’t worry though, it’s not explicit, just a bit kinky.

The English Lesson by Francine

‘Sometimes, it’s ok to push the boundaries’ he said. I was not sure what he meant. I’ve always played safe, been the good girl. So, I asked my best friend.

I push open his bedroom window and let myself in silently. On the bedside table, I lay silk ribbons, chiffon scarves, handcuffs and a riding crop. I unpin my hair, let it cascade down upon my shoulders. I slither between the satin sheets, clad in nothing more than l’Air du Temps. I’ll wait for his return and surprise him. Tonight, I will learn at last what pushing the boundaries means.

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