Drablr NY Competition Results

The first Drablr competition has come to a close after a successful month full of great storytelling.

During the first week things moved slowly, but it wasn’t long before we gained a clear leader, who held top spot right up until the last couple of days of the competition! As was expect, the self-promotion really started to heat up during these last couple of days, turning it in to a two horse race between Andrew Lawston and Rebecca Morgan.

Each author promoted themselves heavily to their social followers, battling for the lead throughout the final day, but in the end Andrew’s fans proved too strong and he came away the winner.

Congratulations to Andrew Lawston, winner of the Drablr 2014 New Year competition.

Congratulations also to Rebecca on writing an excellent and popular drabble, not only with her own fans but also among our own long-standing drablrs.

Andrew’s second drabble came in an easy third place but behind him the field was very close with positions changing regularly throughout the month. As the competition came to a close Jonathan Hill and Juliet Boyd we’re fighting to take 4th and 5th places, with position changing regularly, but in the end Jonathan managed to secure fourth place.

Thanks to everyone who took part. The standard of entries was very high and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the drabbles.

I’ll be updating to Drablr competition page shortly, but here are the top five entries;

  1. Andrew Lawston: New Year’s Resolution (41 votes)
  2. Rebecca Morgan: New Years Resolution (39 votes)
  3. Andrew Lawston: New Year’s Resolution 2.0 (19 votes)
  4. Jonathan Hill: My New Year’s Resolution (10 votes)
  5. Juliet Boyd: The Eternal New Year’s Resolution (9 votes)
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