Changes to Drabble of the Week

This is just a short announcement to let you know that I’ll be changing the way authors get assigned Drabble of the Week – it’s a only small change but should let more people in with a chance getting the weekly promotions.

How things Currently Work

Currently, the Drabble of the Week is made by counting the number of votes on a drabble posted from a Monday through to midnight on Sunday. Only votes made during that period will be counted.

Tie-breaks are resolved by counting social likes, and if still unresolved, I’ll select the drabble with the most page views.

What’s Changing?

Actually, there’s only one thing that’s going to change; the day’s on which drabbles and votes are counted. Any drabble posted on Saturday through to midnight on a Friday will be eligible for inclusion.


I’ve been thinking about this change for a few weeks now after noticing that many drabbles are posted during the weekend. This of course makes sense as for many people the weekend is the first chance they get to sit down and roll a drabble. By changing the start date to Saturday’s, everyone has a chance to compose a drabble and get some votes on it during the week.

I think this new approach will be beneficial to everyone, but if you feel you have a better solution, leave a comment below.

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