Drabble of the Week 14w6: Reasoned Debate

This weeks Drabble of the Week goes again to one of our newest drablrs; Kate Gowers.

Kate joined Drablr just over a week ago and although her first two drabble are fantastic (I especially liked “Unintended Consequences“) it is her third drabble, _Reasoned Debate_, that has claimed this weeks Drabble of the Week.

Reasoned Debate by Kate Gowers

I write to applaud your firm stance regarding this very important issue. Your perspicacity and insight does you and your supporters credit. I find it shocking that uneducated people can remain silent in the face of such fear-mongering and ignorance. Your argument is cogent and convincing and cannot fail to move even the most hard-hearted of the population. Your voice deserves a wider audience – I trust this platform on which you have published will provide you just that. How can anyone fail to be persuaded by your words?

Oh sod it (tap tap) delete – “Like! LOL”

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