Drabble of the Week 14w7: Lateral Thinking

For the second week in a row, Kate Gowers recieves our Drabble of the Week award! Every drabble that Kate writes is a classic, so it’s looking like our other drablrs will need to up their games if they want to stop Kate from making it a hat trick.

“Inspired by an utterly ridiculous lateral thinking puzzle.” — Kate Gowers

…lateral indeed!

Lateral Thinking by Kate Gowers

“For crying out loud,” thought Trevor, “how stupid does he think I am?” He sighed and fetched a spare cane from under the loose floorboards.

The feud between Trevor and Luigi had been going on some time. Every evening following Circus Donato’s show, Trevor would find that the cane on which he depended to ‘see’ was shorter. Every day, Trevor would pretend to be distressed whilst quietly replacing his stick … and plotting.

Then the flamethrower salesman came to town. Trevor may be blind, he may be a dwarf, but he has excellent hearing. And flamethrowers are easy to aim.

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