Drabble of the Week 14w9: Wuthering Heights 2014

In recent weeks there’s been a _classics_ meme happening within the Drabble/Flash Fiction community, with re-tellings of old classic stories with a modern twist and told in the Flash Fiction format.

Drablr has seen a number of great re-tellings but Bryan’s Wuthering Heights is the first to gain the Drabble of the Week award.

Wuthering Heights 2014 by Bryan Thomas

“Heathcliff! Heathcliff!” shouted Cathy from the local council estate.

“I’m over here, luv,” said Heathcliff, festering with brooding magnificence behind the wheel of his tricked out Renault Clio.

“Do you fancy ravishing me on the moors, babe?” said Cathy.

“I dunno, it gets a bit parky up there at this time of year and I haven’t got me thermals on,” said Heathcliff.

“So, what are we gonna do then, any bright ideas?”

“Jump in,” said Heathcliff. “I’ll take you to the car park at Tesco.”

“Pfft! Ravished in Tesco’s car park! That’s not very romantic.”

“Every little helps,” said Heathcliff.

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