Drabble of the Week 14w10: A tricky dilemma 2 – Despicable me

Francine is currently our most prolific drablr, yet the quality of her writing is always very high. This is also the third time Francine has claimed our Drabble of the Week award and yet again, it’s well deserved.

A tricky dilemma 2 – Despicable me by Francine

Being blackmailed isn’t an enjoyable situation.

My decision is made. The Earl is an old dear who thinks his young wife is a paragon of virtue, not the little gold digger people say I am.

I ask him if he would like to spend the morning by the lake. The path is a steep slope. I lose my footing and the Earl’s wheelchair goes down racing towards the lake. My cries of panic alert the butler who comes back to me, grim-faced and distraught.

‘My Lady, the Earl is dead,’ he sobs pathetically.

I faint.

Time for plan B.

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