Our First 100 Drablr

Over the last couple of months there’s been a great deal of activity here on Drablr with hundred’s of drabbles being posted in the opening months of 2014. One of our more prolific authors has been Francine, who has posted almost one and a half drabbles a day since she joined at the start of January.

I’d like to send a big congratulations to Francine for being the first author to post 100 drabbles to the Drablr service. I’ve enjoyed all of her stories and look forward to the next hundred!

Here is Francine’s 100th Drabble, “Amélie or the forbidden pleasures 3“, posted on 10th March 2014;

Amélie or the forbidden pleasures 3 by Francine

Amélie stretches luxuriously in the warm Roman bath. Closing her eyes, frowning slightly, her mind wanders back to her husband. Why does he prefer whores to her? Once again, she curses her father’s choice

The water ripples and she feels a mouth on hers, long legs entrapping her. Lazily opening her eyes, she sees her friend Marie tracing arabesques on her wet skin. Nipples hardened and raspy breath, she returns the embrace passionately. Life is not that bad, after all.

From the third floor, a tormented Viscount watches the scene below, gripping the balcony railing until his knuckles turn white.

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