Drabble of the Week 14w13: *** ******** *******

Wow! Our Drabble of the Week award goes to ***** **** not only for how fantastic a drabble it is, but that it cracks open a whole world of ******* and ***** – something ** *** must **** ***** of. Our drablr ***** hasn’t picked up the award for sometime but a chord has certainly been stuck with fellow drablrs ***** and ***** who seem to completely agree with them.

You must read, then go place your vote and share this drabble as soon as you can, as who know’s how long it will be before it’s taken down…

The Paranoid Realist by Jason Mott

I hesitated at first, but I sent the email. God help me, I sent it.

Even though I know that they are watching, I had to get the word out; If I didn’t, there’ll be no stopping their progress.

Maybe they don’t follow every communication in the country; maybe they can’t.

God, I hope so!

To make sure that I took the utmost precaution, the message was encrypted; that should stop them, right?

Maybe I’m just paranoid. It’s ridiculous to think they can watch us all.

Front Doorbell Rings

“Sir, we’d like to have a word with you. Now!”


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