Drabble of the Week 14w15: A Fine Stew

It’s grisly, as many of Peter’s drabbles are, but it’s also a great classic Drabble. Our Drabble of the Week goes to Peter for his creepy, “A Fine Stew”. If you don’t enjoy the more gruesome side of storytelling then this isn’t for you. Apparently though, Peter has plenty of fans who do, and they voted appropriately.

A Fine Stew by Peter Muscutt

Delbert sat down and spooned some of the stew into his mouth, dripping some down his shirt. He swore, and dabbed at it with a tissue. He snorted, amused at the mess he’d already made while he was preparing his dinner. One more stain wouldn’t hurt, would it?

He had to admit, this was a gorgeous stew. Apart from one piece of gristle which was too tough for him which he had been forced to spit out, it was five-star.

Looking at the mess on the lounge floor, he sighed. The mutilated bodies could wait until he’d finished eating.

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