Word Challenge

Over the last couple of days some of our drablrs have started their own word challenges – write a drabble based on a subject with three words that must be included – which have produced some really great drabbles. If you’re interested in challenge based writing, then read on.

It was actually Kate Gowers who started the challenges, with her own entry Girl Thursday, and although it “…lacks all three challenge words” (as stated by Kate herself), it’s a great drabble nonetheless.

Kate told me that the original idea comes from way back in 2002 when a friend of hers set the challenge of writing on the subject of ‘Masculinity. Under 200 words. Use um…. “washing line” “air freshener” and um… “refrigeration”.‘, with Kate posting her story being posted on the Ciao website here.

If you’re interesting in challenge based writing you might like to try one of these ideas to get you going. I’ll also include the entries for each challenge when I find them.

Write a Drabble on the subject of…

  • Masculinity, using the three words: washing-line, deodorant¬†and refrigeration.
  • Albatross, using the words: plectrum, bidarkee and aglet.
  • Deep Sea Diving, using the words: llama, potato and phosphorus.
  • Catering, using the words: spinthrift, adenoids and fulcrum.
  • Data, using the words: valediction, quantum and philosophical.
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