Drabble of the Week 14w16: Cold Heart

This week we have a new Drabble of the Week award winner. Helen has only posted a couple of drabbles in the month since she joined Drablr, but both are excellent 100-word stories. Helen’s second drabble, Cold Heart, is a worthy entry for our weekly award. So a big congratulations.

Cold Heart by Helen Laycock

‘Mrs Radley, you really should open your windows more often. Look at the flies.’

I opened a window.

‘And get some air freshener. It smells so-’

My face contorted.

‘You’d feel a lot less lonely if you tried making more conve rsation. Sometimes I feel as though I’m talking to myself.’

I flicked the duster along the back of Mrs Radley’s chair. Specks settled on her soft white hair. I swiped along the arm and around her mottled hand.

Mrs Radley was grinning at me. Her dentures were on her chest and a bluebottle was regurgitating on her left eyeball.

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