Drabble of the Week 14w17: A Man and His Shed

2014 is flying by and we’re already up to our 17th, Drabble of the Week award. This weeks award goes out to long standing Drablr, Michael Brookes. For his latest drabble, Michael isn’t his usual chilly self, but “A Man and His Shed” a great drabble all the same.

A Man and His Shed by Michael Brookes

I like it here in my shed. There are cobwebs in the roof and it’s chilly in winter, but it’s all mine. I can make a brew, read the paper and even have a smoke if I want to. There’s an old comfy chair that I relax in and listen to the sports news on the radio.

I hear horrific screams from outside, people shouting and even loud bangs like gunshots. It sounds like the end of the world has arrived.

I’m safe here in my shed, but I snap the padlock shut on the door just to be sure.

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