Drabble of the Week #19: Sand

This weeks Drabble of the Week is a real corker. Sand. It may just be one word but after you read Jonathan Hills latest drabble you’ll certainly be a little more cautious on your next trip to the beach. Congratulations to Jonathan on taking this weeks award.

Sand by Jonathan Hill

Olivia laughed as Daddy’s wiggling toes disappeared under the sand. It had taken hours to dig the hole and a further hour to convince Daddy to lie in it. “Keep your arms still,” she ordered with a giggle.

The sun was clipping the horizon when Daddy was buried up to his neck. “Take a picture then get me out,” he said. “The sea’ll be coming in soon.”

Olivia picked up the camera and brought it down on Daddy’s head until he was still. Then she piled on more sand.

As she collected her belongings to leave, the first wave arrived.

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