Site Update – May 2014

I’m pleased to announce the release of a brand new version of the Drablr publishing system, featuring improved design and voting system.

To help better understand what you the authors want from a publishing system like Drablr, I ran a survey recently and the feedback produced some great suggestions, along with a few gripes!

Before I was able to move forward with these improvements I had to perform a big back end update, as the programming language used to build Drablr had had a big update itself. This involved rewriting a considerable amount of the current application so it took a little while to get things working again. With this now updated Drablr will be able to benefit from regular performance and security improvements.


The theme template used on Drablr has also had a big update. This new Bootstrap 3 framework required a complete write which will have a big improvement on smaller screens such as the iPhone and other smartphones, plus it looks a little nicer too! Some bugs and niggles still need to be sorted out but we’re heading in the right direction.

For those hoping I’d change the orange colour scheme, you’re going to be a little disappointed. 😀

Native Mobile App

Although we’re not likely to see a Drablr app in the near future, these changes will allow the site to feel like an app. For those on iOS you can create a “launch” icon by selecting “Add to Home Screen” from the Bookmarks icon in Safari. This will create an icon which can then be placed next to your other apps — you’ll hardly realise you’re not using a native app.


Perhaps the biggest change from a user facing perspective is the voting system. There were plenty of requests for this to be changed and I couldn’t agree with you more. The new system is much simpler, now being more akin to Facebook’s “Like” button.

There is now just a single button. If you like a Drabble then you’ll click the “Vote” button. Change your mind? Just click it again.

Placement of the voting button along with the other social network “Likes” have been moved to the bottom of the drabble itself.

Over the next months I’m going to tackle more of the request I received from the survey. If you have features you’d like to be added to Drablr then head on over to the Facebook post I created in response to that survey.

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  1. Although the blog doesn’t get any love these days, the main site is still going strong, with lots of fantastic stories being published every day.

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