Drabble of the Week #20: Google Search History

We’re living in a world with organisations like the NSA whose sole purpose is to spy on everyone. Governments endlessly lie to their voters and it’s been a long time since anyone had any real privacy. You’d think with all these security worries that we’d all be trying to keep our search histories to ourselves. Well, it seems somebody forgot to tell K. Z. Morano about all this and as a result KZ’s Google Search History has taken this weeks Drabble of the Week award.

Still, I think myself lucky that K.Z. has no quarms on sharing her history as the resulting drabble is fantastic! A worthy winner of this weeks award.

Google Search History by K. Z. Morano


two receipts identical jewelry husband’s pocket
signs that my husband is cheating
telltale signs husband having affair
how to tell my husband have mistress?

why men cheat?
marriage advice rekindling passion
sexy lingerie shop
tips better blowjobs
how to get rid of husband mistress

investigators infidelity
private investigator Chicago

coping infidelity
am I depressed?
how to handle depression
suicidal thoughts

poison for drinks no taste
tasteless colorless poison where to buy

how to chop body
tips on chopping meat
how to get rid of carpet stains DIY

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