Drabble of the Week #23: That Which Grows, That Which Dies

Once in a while we have a new drablr join the community who strikes a chord with our drablrs from the outset. After only a couple of weeks posting drabbles, Horrorshow has gained the Drabble of the Week award for the Drabble, That Which Grows, That Which Dies.

I’m looking forward to reading more drabbles from Horrorshow!

That Which Grows, That Which Dies by Horrorshow

Lisa found a pallid yellow seed on her pillow. She rolled it between her finger and thumb, speculating that if planted, a good husband would grow. One that didn’t drink or stay out all night. One that wouldn’t smoke, swear, shout and scold. Her man would come, different to the others.

The seed cracked and an ochre fluid seeped onto Lisa’s fingers. She licked at it as the crack repaired itself. The fluid was hot on her tongue. It erased all the thoughts she had of the perfect spouse and replaced them with images of sleeping pills and razor blades.

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  1. Wow! What an honour; many thanks to everyone who read and voted for, “That Which Grows, That Which Dies”. I’m really enjoying this site and all the excellent drabbles that everyone in the community posts here. Huge thanks too for Michael who makes it all happen. 🙂

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