Drabble of the Week #25: Stage Jitters

Drabble of the Week for the 25th week of 2014 goes to another of our more recent drablrs. Mike Arnzen has been posting some great drabbles and I’m happy to see his excellent Stage Jitters receive this weeks award. This is a classic drabble with a wonderful twist at the end.

Stage Jitters by Mike Arnzen

Between gigs, he regretted his job. Sure, he was a celebrated artist, but the boredom of waiting for the next stage performance was tedious, and dark thoughts and criticism about his act always tormented him.

But calls for encore performances kept coming.

And nothing thrilled him more than donning his regalia and grasping the wooden neck of his rockin’ axe — or the lever for the trapdoor, depending on the show. Peeking through the slits in the fabric of his black hood, the executioner relished the reactions of both adoring fans and stiffest critics alike. He just wished it lasted longer.

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