Drabble of the Week #26: The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever

We have another first time winner this week for our Drabble of the Week award. Brandon Sutton posted the very funny drabble, The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever. Brandon has only been a member of Drablr for a couple of months but has been a prolific writer, posting 81 drabbles so far, and covering all kinds of different styles. Take a look at his profile page and browse some of his work.

The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever by Brandon Sutton

I’m telling you, that title is no lie. This drabble will contain the greatest sentence of all time that I discovered after years of research and experimentation. In fact, I can confidently say that the sentence will go down in the annals of history as a masterpiece of literature. It might even save the world, bringing everyone eternal peace, love, and happiness. However, I should get to writing, otherwise I might forget it, since its sheer majesty cannot be held by one person for too long. In fact this drabble might be my only chance, so let me begin: The

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2 thoughts on “Drabble of the Week #26: The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever”

  1. Erm…I’m Kate, not Kath, and I wrote Menses. But you’re right, Drew’s Drabble deserved the prize!

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