Drabble of the Week #27: Visitors

Drabble of the Week was a tough one this time round. Both Drew Martyn’s and Kate Gowers’ drabbles gained the same number of votes and are both excellent 100-word stories, but I’ve decided to give the tie-break to Drew for his “Visitors” drabble.

Not only is Visitors chilling but it made me keep thinking about it, even re-reading it, which is certainly the sign of a great drabble.

Congratulations to Drew.

Visitors by Drew Martyn

I didn’t invite them here, but really one ought to be polite. After all, they had managed to find my place hidden here in the densest part of the forest.

“Welcome,” I lied. My breath chaffed their faces, ruffling their hair.

They shivered. “I’m used to the cold,” I said, smiling.

“Now you’re here, wont you take a seat?” I enquired, attempting charm.

They turned to leave. I was nearer the door than they, so I closed it quickly.

Now they looked frightened. “Excuse my clumsy politeness,” I said, “You see, I haven’t entertained visitors at all since my death.”

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P.S. Although Drew wins this weeks award, you should definitely go read Kate’s “Menses” drabble.

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