Drabble of the Week #29: Post Game

The Horrorshow has been writing some great drabbles recently and with “Post Game“, takes the Drabble of the Week award for the second time. Apparently the drabble is inspired by a film; I don’t recognise it myself, but perhaps you do. Congratulations to Horrowshow!

Post Game by Horrorshow

Jonathan recalled last night’s game; the violent collisions, the hateful baying of the Houston masses, the broken bones of team mates and opponents alike. Jonathan spoke with Smitty afterwards. The old man talked of the devastated city of Philadelphia, once a thriving metropolis before a corporation called Federal Government put millions in camps to quell civil disobedience.

Smitty had seen athletes compete for clubs that took their names from birds and animals. Jonathan saw a bird once, on the Energy Corporation estate. Perhaps it wasn‘t real, just a replica. Jonathan smiled weakly as he remembered the miraculous creature in flight.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who read and voted for this story to make it Drabble of the Week #29 and special thanks to Michael for running this website! 🙂

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