Drablr’s First Birthday!

Today marks the first anniversary of Drablr! On July 31, 2013, the site went live and the first drabbles were posted. We had two authors post on the first day; Michael Brookes with his “Don’t Turn Around” drabble, and Finn Williams, who posted six drabbles, my favourite being “The Phone Call“.

Since then we’ve had more than 100 authors post almost 1,600 stories – that’s almost the equivalent of two thriller novels! With over 50% of those drabbles being posted in the last 4 months this next year should see our count pass 5,000, but with luck we can bring onboard even more writers and perhaps we’ll see that rise to 10,000…what do you think?

Several authors on Drablr have also released Drabble books. Some of those stories are posted here on the site but they also contain many others, so if you like their work, buy their books! Head on over to the Book page to learn more.

I’d like to thank all our readers and writers for creating a great place to hang out and a wonderful community who support each other with great comments, lots of voting and plenty of social likes.


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5 thoughts on “Drablr’s First Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday, drablr.com and congrats to Michael for all his hard work! I’m looking forward to seeing the site continue to grow and grow.


  2. Happy Birthday Drablr! I think it was Mike Arnzen who tweeted about this site after he’d put a drabble up here, so I followed suit and… got hooked, dammit!!
    Thanks for all your work on the site, it’s been an absolute pleasure reading, writing and generally wracking whats left of my brain to get what I’ve written down (or sometimes up) to 100 words.
    Happy 1st Birthday, here’s to many more, it’s a well deserved celebration.
    Cheers and thanks again!

  3. Happy birthday, Drablr.com! Thanks to Michael for starting and running it this whole time, even if I’ve only been here a couple of months. I have gained an invaluable amount of information and confidence through this website that no doubt will help my writing in every field.

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