Drabble of the Week #31: The Grand Ecdysis Ball

It seems Horrorshow is on a roll at the moment; winning Drabble of the Week for the third time in a row!

This time however, it’s an outright win with the drabble The Grand Ecdysis Ball. A nice but somewhat gross drabble, if you know what ecdysis means! Congratulations Horrorshow, can you make it four in a row?


The Grand Ecdysis Ball by Horrorshow

The musicians did their best but they were inherently a grubby bunch. Designer tux’s couldn’t disguise the fact that up until yesterday these men had lived in abject squalor. None of this mattered of course; the group were skilled with their instruments, hence why they had been selected for that special night. The Grand Ecdysis Ball.

A special (and surreptitious) injection had provided the musicians with an uncanny resistance to fatigue. Six hours into their performance they were still strong and as the clock struck one, the audience completed their grotesque transformations. The hideous spider people had reached full maturity.

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  1. Huge thanks to everyone who read and voted for, “The Grand Ecdysis Ball”! I’d also like to again thank Michael for his hard work running the site. 🙂

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