Drabble of the Week #32: Ladybug

Another week, and another Drabble of the Week for Horrorshow – that’s four in a row! If you think this may be getting a little boring, think again. That’s four excellent drabbles, each worthy of every vote cast. It was a close one though as Horrorshow’s Ladybug only beat Kate Gowers’ Music Hath Charms…or not by twelve votes to eleven.

Surely Horrorshow can’t make it for a fifth week? Perhaps Kate, third place Brandon Sutton (Acronyms: All Part of a Balanced Breakfast), or one of our other excellent drablrs can take next weeks award.

Ladybug by Horrorshow

Harmonia planted her eggs inside me. I’d met her at the club. She wore brown knee high Gucci boots and a tan leather A-line skirt. We put on quite a burlesque show for the driver in the back seat of his filthy cab on the ride back to my apartment. Harmonia wouldn’t stop touching my stocking tops and fondling my breasts.

In my dirty bed, she straddled me and pushed her wet fingers against my lips while simultaneously unfolding her beautifully ornate insect wings.

I can feel her babies inside me now. All that’s left to do is wait.

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One thought on “Drabble of the Week #32: Ladybug”

  1. Thank you to everyone who read, commented on and voted for, “Ladybug”. Since joining the Drablr community a couple of months ago, I’ve been inspired by the great many excellent writers we have here and it has spurred me on in my own writing. The thing I love best about this site is the support and encouragement that many of the members give to one another. Long may that continue.


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