Drabble of the Week #33: Coin

This weeks Drabble of the Week goes to Horrorshow’s simply titled, Coin. A simple title on a drabble that holds a lot of depth. Nice writing!

Coin by Horrorshow

You always tried to take from me something I never had. Whether through the twin instruments of pleasure and pain, or your twisted rapture in seeing my “fly trapped in a spider’s web” distress, you always tried, and always failed.

And where are you today? We both know the Tempest owns you, and that your soul has been forged into another coin. Currency for a faceless Underworld, populated by contemporary freaks much like yourself.

And now? This moment? Now I hold you tight inside my jagged fist. You have finally found what you always wanted. Damnation has brought you joy.

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One thought on “Drabble of the Week #33: Coin”

  1. Sincere thanks to everyone who read, commented on and voted for, “Coin”. The piece is modified from a poem I wrote nearly twenty years ago. I wasn’t sure if it would work as a drabble but thankfully it came out alright didn’t it?


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