Drabble of the Week #34: A Living Together

This weeks Drabble of the Week goes again to Horrorshow for A Living Together. This is a…well…it’s actually quite a disturbing drabble to tell the truth. Don’t read it if you’re somewhat squeamish. For all its grotesqueness, it is a great piece of flash fiction. Congratulations Horrorshow!

A Living Together by Horrorshow

After the removal of Denise’s womb, a thing made a nest inside her cavity. When Denise slept, the thing would painstakingly drag itself out of her vagina, pulling itself free with long, spindly, claw tipped limbs, before venturing into the night to feed.

In her dreams, Denise could see through the thing’s searching, manifold eyes. It hunted down rats and cats, cruelly slicing and rending them as they screamed, before it devoured what little corpus of them remained.

Before dawn, the thing would return to it’s nest. Denise would go to work that day feeling rested and satisfied.

And whole.

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5 thoughts on “Drabble of the Week #34: A Living Together”

  1. Big thanks to everyone who read, commented on and voted for, “A Living Together”. I’m a huge fan of what they call, “Body Horror” as this, and some of my other drabbles, can attest to!


  2. A disgusting winner, in the best sense of the word 🙂 I loved it when I read it first, and I’ve read it a few times since and each time it’s got better.

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