Drabble of the Week #35: Customer Service?

First up, my apologies for the delayed post – the Drabble of the Week award got delayed in the post…

A big congratulations to Bryan Thomas on his Customer Service? drabble. Not only is it a brilliant drabble, it was also his 100th drabble posted to Drablr. So a double congratulations are in order. Bryan is now our 5th author to post their 100th drabble…though I think we’ll be seeing more people joining them soon.

Customer Service? by Bryan Thomas

“Good morning, Royal Mail Customer Services, I’m Matthew, how can I help?”
“I’m phoning because my parcel’s trashed!”
“And your point is?”
“The goods are freakin’ damaged. It was a present for my young son.”
“Listen, maggot. Let me give you a heads up on how the Royal Mail operates. Our parcel jockeys are poorly paid, undervalued, and they’re up for a ruck. Every parcel that passes through their hands they kick the shit out of. That’s job satisfaction. That’s sticking it to the man.”
“Actually, that’s sticking it to the customer.”
“I’m flabbergasted.”
“Good. Have a nice day.”

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