Drabble of the Week #35: Customer Service?

First up, my apologies for the delayed post – the Drabble of the Week award got delayed in the post…

A big congratulations to Bryan Thomas on his Customer Service? drabble. Not only is it a brilliant drabble, it was also his 100th drabble posted to Drablr. So a double congratulations are in order. Bryan is now our 5th author to post their 100th drabble…though I think we’ll be seeing more people joining them soon.

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Drabble of the Week #32: Ladybug

Another week, and another Drabble of the Week for Horrorshow – that’s four in a row! If you think this may be getting a little boring, think again. That’s four excellent drabbles, each worthy of every vote cast. It was a close one though as Horrorshow’s Ladybug only beat Kate Gowers’ Music Hath Charms…or not by twelve votes to eleven.

Surely Horrorshow can’t make it for a fifth week? Perhaps Kate, third place Brandon Sutton (Acronyms: All Part of a Balanced Breakfast), or one of our other excellent drablrs can take next weeks award.

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Drablr’s First Birthday!

Today marks the first anniversary of Drablr! On July 31, 2013, the site went live and the first drabbles were posted. We had two authors post on the first day; Michael Brookes with his “Don’t Turn Around” drabble, and Finn Williams, who posted six drabbles, my favourite being “The Phone Call“.

Since then we’ve had more than 100 authors post almost 1,600 stories – that’s almost the equivalent of two thriller novels! With over 50% of those drabbles being posted in the last 4 months this next year should see our count pass 5,000, but with luck we can bring onboard even more writers and perhaps we’ll see that rise to 10,000…what do you think?

Several authors on Drablr have also released Drabble books. Some of those stories are posted here on the site but they also contain many others, so if you like their work, buy their books! Head on over to the Book page to learn more.

I’d like to thank all our readers and writers for creating a great place to hang out and a wonderful community who support each other with great comments, lots of voting and plenty of social likes.


Drabble of the Week #30: Melted Plastic Faces

This weeks Drabble of the Week was a tricky one to award. There were three excellent drabbles in the running, two from  Horrorshow and one from Samantha Bishop. All three are great reads, each receiving a good number of votes and comments, however, I’ve decided to give this weeks award to Melted Plastic Faces by Horrorshow. This story will certainly send a chill down your spine.

3 Wishes by Samantha Bishop was a worthy runner-up along with Horrorshow’s other drabble, Aokigahara (青木ヶ原), which has an interesting topic that’s worth researching the subject of the Suicide Forest (see the comments). I recommend you read them both.

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Drabble of the Week #28: CREATE FUNCTION Consciousness

For the second week in a row we have a tie between Drew Martyn and Kate Gowers. This week however I’m unable to decide between the two drabbles, so I’m going to fall back to letting the social likes decide the winner. Currently with fifthteen Facebooks likes a three Tweets, Kate’s CREATE FUNCTION Consciousness takes the Drabble of the Week award.

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Drabble of the Week #27: Visitors

Drabble of the Week was a tough one this time round. Both Drew Martyn’s and Kate Gowers’ drabbles gained the same number of votes and are both excellent 100-word stories, but I’ve decided to give the tie-break to Drew for his “Visitors” drabble.

Not only is Visitors chilling but it made me keep thinking about it, even re-reading it, which is certainly the sign of a great drabble.

Congratulations to Drew.

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