Drabble Character Limit Increased

Are you a sesquipedalianist? Do you find your works contain lots of polysyllabic words? Perhaps you’re just a grandiloquent?

Vex not dear author, the latest update to Drablr is live and see’s the character limit imposed on your Drabble entries increased.

After feedback from some concerned authors I’ve now set this limit to 700 characters, which should be enough for even the most sesquipedalian drablr!

Drablr Beta Goes Live!

I’m pleased to announce that the Drablr platform is now live! Currently this is only a Beta release so only invited authors can post Drabbles.

Drablr.com is a service for authors who like to be challenged by the confines of 100 words, it’s a place to experiment, to discover if an idea has potential, and another tool to help connect with readers.

Anyone can sign up to be a reader (follow authors, vote and comment), but while the site is still in Beta you must be invited before you can start posting.

Even if you don’t wish to post, please do come over; there’s some great stories being told.

Registration is here.