Drabble of the Week 14w3: Dark Thoughts…

I had a lot of fun choosing this weeks drabble as it wasn’t exactly the most straightforward affair. Francine was actually placed in the lead as she has two drabbles on the same number of votes. Both entries also had the same number of comments, and the same number of Facebook/Twitter/Google likes!

Both Snow White revisited – A modern tale and Darkest Thoughts… are excellent drabbles and I did consider voting both as Drabble of the Week. However, after looking at the page view statistics, Dark Thoughts… was chosen as it had twice the number of views, and I have to agree with everyone. Continue reading Drabble of the Week 14w3: Dark Thoughts…

Drabble of the Week 14w2: Bank Holiday

Andrew just recently signed up to Drablr to enter our “New Year Resolutions” competitions, but has also been posting some regular drabbles too, and I think we are lucky that he is doing so. If his writing is anything to go by, Andrew has a great sense of humour so you really should go check out his profile and read more of his drabbles.

Congratulations to Andrew on achieving _Drabble of the Week_ in hist first week on the Drablr service!

Bank Holiday by Andrew Lawston

Rain lashes the flimsy marquee, already patched with shiny tape. A sudden gust bursts through the entrance, sending a flurry of lush green leaves into a dozen stubborn drinkers’ pints as they cower under impotent patio heaters from the deafening cosy terror of a family friendly pub.

Enraged by flapping tent fabric, an Alsatian howls over the pub garden wall. Behind the edifice an infant wails in shrill response.

One by one the drinkers leave, many heading to the brightly-lit burger bar over the road.

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang… but with a Wimpy.

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Drabble of the Week 14w1: One Hundred Years Young

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year and are looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring! The first “Drabble of the Week” for 2014 goes to Bryan Thomas, a regular drablr and someone who has took home the weekly competition several times already. His latest winner is an absolute classic as I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Drabble of the Week #51: A Little Help for a Friend

This last week has been a bit mixed on Drablr. Although we’ve seen plenty of Drabbles being posted we’ve not had that many votes. As a result our Drabble of the Week is a three-way tie-break, between two Drabbles by Bryan Thomas and one by Pearl Cannon. Therefore I’ve had to consider the social likes (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) to pick a winner.

This weeks Drabble of the Week goes to Pearl Cannon for her festive Drabble; ‘A Little Help for a Friend‘. Continue reading Drabble of the Week #51: A Little Help for a Friend

Drabble of the Week #49: The autumn of our lives

Tony’s latest entry is not a traditional Drabble in the sense that it doesn’t have a dark twist to it, but it is a wonderful piece of writing.

The autumn of our lives by Tony Spencer

I have loved you forever, dear, having shared the perfect lifetime, side by side. Now we’re at the end, our autumn, bereft of all our friends.

You are still beautiful, once so sweet and vibrant, now you’re shrivelled and wrinkled. Ha! I’m a “crinkly”, too!

You’re cold, my sweet, there’s no time left. I love you and say goodbye as you slip away.

I cannot survive alone, I’ll follow soon, my love.

From the window, Alice saw first one, then the last leaf flutter to the ground, the tree bare, following last night’s frost. Autumn was over and winter reigned.

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