Drabble of the Week #26: The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever

We have another first time winner this week for our Drabble of the Week award. Brandon Sutton posted the very funny drabble, The Absolute Best and Greatest Sentence Ever. Brandon has only been a member of Drablr for a couple of months but has been a prolific writer, posting 81 drabbles so far, and covering all kinds of different styles. Take a look at his profile page and browse some of his work.

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New Drablr Blog

drablr-logoDrablr now has a new home for its blog and update news. A few days back I updated the old Drablr news site from a custom solution to using WordPress. Not only does this make it easier for me to maintain and keep up-to-date, but it also provides better features for you.

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Drabble of the Week #20: Google Search History

We’re living in a world with organisations like the NSA whose sole purpose is to spy on everyone. Governments endlessly lie to their voters and it’s been a long time since anyone had any real privacy. You’d think with all these security worries that we’d all be trying to keep our search histories to ourselves. Well, it seems somebody forgot to tell K. Z. Morano about all this and as a result KZ’s Google Search History has taken this weeks Drabble of the Week award.

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