Our First 100 Drablr

Over the last couple of months there’s been a great deal of activity here on Drablr with hundred’s of drabbles being posted in the opening months of 2014. One of our more prolific authors has been Francine, who has posted almost one and a half drabbles a day since she joined at the start of January.

I’d like to send a big congratulations to Francine for being the first author to post 100 drabbles to the Drablr service. I’ve enjoyed all of her stories and look forward to the next hundred!

Here is Francine’s 100th Drabble, “AmĂ©lie or the forbidden pleasures 3“, posted on 10th March 2014; Continue reading “Our First 100 Drablr”

External Author Profile Links

One of the first requests I had from authors was for give them the ability to include links to their own blogs and other social networks. Now that I have fixed mosts of the main issues with the site, I decided to get this feature implemented.

When you edit your profile you now have four boxes where you can enter links to these sites. Currently you can add your Amazon Author Profile, Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a link to your own website or blog if you have one.

Please note that Drablr is a self funded project so any Amazon Profile links you add will have an affiliate tag added. This gives me the possibility to earn a little commission from any purchases made by these visitors…every little bit will help in funding Drablr.