New Drablr Blog

drablr-logoDrablr now has a new home for its blog and update news. A few days back I updated the old Drablr news site from a custom solution to using WordPress. Not only does this make it easier for me to maintain and keep up-to-date, but it also provides better features for you.

Being a wordpress site means it’s now possible to leave comments on all posts — although I usually post content from here on sites like Facebook and Google+, having a central place for people to comment on them should be better. Continue reading “New Drablr Blog”

Changes to Drabble of the Week

This is just a short announcement to let you know that I’ll be changing the way authors get assigned Drabble of the Week – it’s a only small change but should let more people in with a chance getting the weekly promotions.

How things Currently Work

Currently, the Drabble of the Week is made by counting the number of votes on a drabble posted from a Monday through to midnight on Sunday. Only votes made during that period will be counted.

Tie-breaks are resolved by counting social likes, and if still unresolved, I’ll select the drabble with the most page views. Continue reading “Changes to Drabble of the Week”

Drablr Beta Goes Live!

I’m pleased to announce that the Drablr platform is now live! Currently this is only a Beta release so only invited authors can post Drabbles. is a service for authors who like to be challenged by the confines of 100 words, it’s a place to experiment, to discover if an idea has potential, and another tool to help connect with readers.

Anyone can sign up to be a reader (follow authors, vote and comment), but while the site is still in Beta you must be invited before you can start posting.

Even if you don’t wish to post, please do come over; there’s some great stories being told.

Registration is here.